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06 juni 2013

De islamist. Waarom ik meedeed en waarom ik stopte

The Islamist; Why I Joined Radical Islam in Britain, What I Saw Inside and Why I Left
Ed Husain, Penguin Books, 304 pagina's, 2007

Ed Husain's The Islamist is the shocking inside story of British Islamic fundamentalism, told by a former radical. 'When I was sixteen I became an Islamic fundamentalist. Five years later, after much emotional turmoil, I rejected fundamentalist teachings and returned to normal life and my family. As I recovered my faith and mind, I tried to put my experiences behind me, but as the events of 7/7 unfolded it became clear to me that Islamist groups pose a threat to this country that we - Muslims and non-Muslims alike - do not yet understand.'

'Why are young British Muslims becoming extremists? What are the risks of another home-grown terrorist attack on British soil? By describing my experiences inside these groups and the reasons I joined them, I hope to explain the appeal of extremist thought, how fanatics penetrate Muslim communities and the truth behind their agenda of subverting the West and moderate Islam. Writing candidly about life after extremism, I illustrate the depth of the problem that now grips Muslim hearts and minds and lay bare what politicians and Muslim 'community leaders' do not want you to know.'

Islam and Islamism
Door Salim Mansur, Gatestone Institute, 23 juli 2013

Rapport Siding With The Opressor; The Pro-islamist Left
One Law for All, 2013 (PDF)

Later toegevoegd:

Maajid Nawaz van anti-extremisme-club Quilliam (UK) over zijn transformatie van islamist tot democraat
Youtube video van interview BBC Hardtalk

Radical: My Journey from Islamist Extremism to a Democratic Awakening
Door Maajid Nawaz, Virgin Books, 297 pagina's, 2012/2013

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