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24 juli 2014

Kaste van schatrijke kinderen zal onze toekomst vernietigen

Clueless rich kids on the rise: How millennial aristocrats will destroy our future
Door Tim donovan, Salon, 21 juli 2014

Prevailing neoliberal ideology, which perverts capitalism as an economic system into capitalism as an unyielding political ideology, lurks in the shadows of almost every major issue in America, though nowhere is its influence more obvious or profound than in the spiraling rise of income and wealth inequality today.

Today's wealthy are far more likely to have inherited their fortunes. Here's why that's going to doom our politics.

23 juli 2014

Studie: Zuidpool zal sneller smelten door veranderende winden

Door Paul Spence at al., Geophysical Research Letters, 12 juli 2014

Projected changes in the winds circling the Antarctic may accelerate global sea level rise significantly more than previously estimated. Changes to Antarctic winds may have a profound impact on warming ocean temperatures under the ice shelves along the coastline of West and East Antarctic. Projected Antarctic wind shifts were included in a detailed global ocean model, and the authors found water up to 4°C warmer than current temperatures rose up to meet the base of the Antarctic ice shelves.