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24 maart 2012

VS: sterke groei extreem rechtse Patriot-beweging

The Anti-Government 'Patriot' Movement Is Exploding in Size and Reach
Door Mark Potok, SPLC Intelligence Report / Alternet, 20 maart 2012

[...] The [total] number of hate groups counted by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) last year reached a total of 1,018, up slightly from the year before but continuing a trend of significant growth that is now more than a decade old. The truly stunning growth came in the antigovernment “Patriot” movement — conspiracy-minded groups that see the federal government as their primary enemy.
[...] in 2000 [...] there were 602 hate groups.

[...] Even as most of the nation cheered the election of the first black president [...], an angry backlash developed that included several plots to murder Obama.

[...] The long-running rise [of the number of hate groups seems to be] a product of hate groups’ very successful exploitation of the issue of non-white immigration. Obama’s election and the crashing economy have played a key role in the last three years.

[...] From 149 groups in 2008, the number of Patriot organizations skyrocketed to 512 in 2009, shot up again in 2010 to 824, and then, last year, jumped to 1,274.

[...] At the same time [the number of] organizations that go beyond normal political activism to harass individuals they suspect of being undocumented immigrants — shrank radically. After five years of sustained growth, these vigilante groups plummeted last year to 184 from 319 in 2010, a one-year drop of 42%. The decrease appears to be a product of bad press, internecine quarrels, and the co-optation of the immigration issue by state legislatures around the country [...].

[...] In some ways, it was surprising that the same deflating effect did not hit the Patriot and hate groups, as 2011 also saw many politicians and other public figures attacking Muslims, LGBT people and other minorities, effectively taking on some of the issues dear to the radical right. But there was enough of a far-right wind to fill the sails of politicians, hate and Patriot groups, and Tea Parties alike, very likely the result, in large part, of a view of Obama as a dire threat to the country.

Lees de rest van de analyse op Alternet.

Zie ook (deels later toegevoegd):

Gun Control Agenda Is Launching White Paranoid Extremists to Prepare for Armed Revolution
Door Frank Schaeffer, Alternet, 30 januari 2013

Peel back the code words of "defending" America and you have a treasonous movement in the works. [...] Their ideology is made up of equal parts racism, evangelical Christian fascination with the “end times,” hatred of President Obama, resentment of the “Old “South” variety and a Fox News/Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh version of world history.

'Page sprak over racistische oorlog en verheerlijkte blanke suprematie'
Door Martine Steenvoort, Trouw, 7 augstus 2012

New SPLC Report: American Hate Groups on the Rise
Door John M. Becker, Truth Wins Out, 8 maart 2012

Anti-government groups increase 755% in three years
Door Skylar Browning, Missoula Independent Free Thinking, 23 maart 2012

The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right
Door David Neiwert, Polipoint Press, 2009

The Eliminationists describes the malignant influence of right-wing hate talk on the American conservative movement. Tracing much of this vitriol to the dank corners of the para-fascist right, award-winning reporter David Neiwert documents persistent ideas and rhetoric that champion the elimination of opposition groups. As a result of this hateful discourse, Neiwert argues, the broader conservative movement has metastasized into something not truly conservative, but decidedly right-wing and potentially dangerous.

Later toegevoegd:

Sikh Temple Killer Wade Michael Page Was Radicalized by Army Base's "Thriving Neo-Nazi Underworld"
Door Marilyn Elias, SPLC Intelligence Report / Alternet, 5 december 2012

FBI Informant Who Blew the Cover on a Murderous Right-Wing Domestic Terror Group Speaks Out
Door Jillian Rayfield, Salon / Alternet, 11 januari 2013

New West Point Study Highlights Threat Posed by Far Right-Wing Groups In U.S.
Door Hayes Brown, Think Progress / Alternet, 18 januari 2013

The study is already coming under attack by Republicans for not properly defining what constitutes a member of the “far right.” [...] [according to an earlier report] right-wing groups have proved  more of a threat than Islamic extremists during a similar period.

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