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13 januari 2012

Toch is de Tea Party machtiger dan ooit

Don't Be Fooled - Why the Tea Party Is More Powerful Than Ever
Door David Weigel, Alternet, 9 januari 2012

[...] [The] new, professionalized Tea Party may not have the numbers to pack the National Mall with tricorne hats, but it has proved itself spectacularly adept at two other tasks: exacting promises and submission from presidential candidates; and setting the Republican policy agenda. And in a representative government, at a time when a languishing economy and anemic voter turnout may turn the odds against Democrats, truly—what else matters?
If, as is quite possible, the Republicans gain control of both the White House and Congress, the Tea Party will have gained a hugely disproportionate amount of control over the government through the use of these two mechanisms [...].

Toevoegingen v/a 17 januari:

The Sequester as a Tea Party Plot
Door Robert Reich, Alternet, 1 maart 2012

The Obnoxious Tea Party Leaders Have Vanished from the Political Stage -- Palin, Beck, DeMint, Paul, Bachmann... Poof!
Door Alex Seitz-Wald, Salon / Alternet, 27 februari 2013

Is the Tea Party Over?
Door Adele M. Stan, Alternet, 12 januari 2013

There's a new parlor game in your nation's capital, played by reporters and pundits who begin with a single question: Is the Tea Party dead? Endlessly entertaining to ponder, it's a question whose answer depends on your definition of the Tea Party movement. 

De Tea Party keert terug, bozer dan ooit
Door Marco Visser, Trouw, 4 januari 2012

The 'Tea Party' Supreme Court: How Conservatives Turned the Highest Court in the Land to Ideological Extremism
Door June Carbone, Alternet, 21 juni 2012

Why conservatives on the Supreme Court have become ideologically extreme, rigid and scornful of compromise.

Sen. Richard Lugar's Parting Words: Beware of Tea Party Extremists
Door Steven Rosenfeld, 358 / Alternet, 8 mei 2012

[...] Indiana's Sen. Richard Lugar, who lost in the Republican Primary to Tea Party darling Richard Mourdock, issued a lengthy written statement [...] that chastised extremists in his party - such as his opponent - who Lugar said could not possibly govern for the good of the nation if they held fast to their draconian, uncompromising beliefs.

Europa verketteren als strategie voor Republikeinen
Door Marco Visser, Trouw, 17 januari 2012

Why America's Extreme Politics Will Likely Get Even Worse
Door George Bauer, Alternet, 19 juni 2012

A convergence of term limits, redistricting, ideology and inexperience in Congress and state legislatures will result in even more partisan gridlock. 

De felheid en het leugenachtige van de anti-sociaaldemocratische Republikeinse retoriek in kwestie is een van de bewijzen dat de Tea Party, of tenminste het extreemrechtse gedachtegoed van die lobby, in de VS invloedrijker is dan ooit.

Zie ook:

What Obama's Willingness to Deal with the Tea Party Right Means for Progressive Politics
Door Guy Saperstein, Alternet, 4 april 2012

Obama was willing to make substantial cuts to the crown jewels of liberalism - Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - in order to get a deficit-reduction deal with Republicans. [...] The details of the proposed deal should be very disturbing to anyone who believes in Democratic core values and protecting the American Dream.

How Obama Tried to Sell Out Liberalism in 2011

Door Jonathan Chait, 19 maart 2012 

How the White, Conservative South Took Over the GOP - And May Take Over America
Door Michael Lind,, 10 oktober 2012

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