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08 maart 2012

Klimaatverandering: voedseltekorten door droogte

Brutal Droughts, Worsened By Global Warming, Threaten Food Production Around The World
Door Joe Romm, Climate Progress, 7 maart 2012

Severe drought (or Dust-Bowlification) “is the most pressing problem caused by climate change.” As I wrote in the journal Nature last year, “Feeding some 9 billion people by mid-century in the face of a rapidly worsening climate may well be the greatest challenge the human race has ever faced.”

[...] a major 2011 NOAA report concluded, human-caused climate change is already a major factor in more frequent Mediterranean droughts.

[...] A comprehensive 2011 study of drought, by Aiguo Dai of the National Center for Atmospheric Research [...] concluded:
All the four forms of the PDSI show widespread drying over Africa, East andSouth Asia, and other areas from 1950 to 2008, and most of this drying is due to recent warming. The global percentage of dry areas has increased by about 1.74% (of global land area) per decade from 1950 to 2008….
Thus, I believe that our main conclusion is robust that recent warming has caused widespread drying over land. And model predictions suggest that this drying is likely to become more severe in the coming decades.
A look at the headlines and ledes from just the last month make clear that drought is slamming the world right now:
And last week I reposted this story, “Syria: Climate Change, Drought and Social Unrest.” [...]

Zie ook (deels later toegevoegd):

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