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23 augustus 2012

Minder ijs op de Noordpool = meer extreem weer

Arctic Death Spiral: How It Favors Extreme, Prolonged Weather Events ‘Such As Drought, Flooding, Cold Spells And Heat Waves’
Door Joe Romm, Climate Progress, 22 augustus 2012

We are headed for record lows in Arctic sea ice area and volume, as I discussed Monday.

The death spiral will start to make headlines in this country when we beat the record low sea ice extent set in 2007 as monitored by our National Snow and Ice Data Center. We are getting close, as the latest data make clear (see figure).

But the death spiral of Arctic ice deserves attention beyond its obvious indication of a warming planet. There is increasing scientific analysis suggesting that the loss of ice in the distant Arctic is helping drive the off-the-charts extreme weather we have been seeing right here in this country in recent years (see “Has Global Warming Caused A Quantum Jump In Extreme Weather?“)

In particular, a 2012 Geophysical Research Letters study, “Evidence linking Arctic amplification to extreme weather in mid-latitudes,” finds that the loss of Arctic ice favors “extreme weather events that result from prolonged conditions, such as drought, flooding, cold spells, and heat waves.”

Toegevoegd aug/sep 2012: 

How The Arctic Death Spiral Fuels A ‘Wicked Backlash On Our Weather’
Door Joe Romm, Climate Progress, 25 september 2012

Videographer Peter Sinclair has another excellent video [...] featuring leading Arctic experts. 

Arctic expert predicts final collapse of sea ice within four years
Door John Vidal, The Guardian, 17 september 2012

Noordpoolijs gesmolten tot nieuw laagterecord
Trouw, 23 augustus 2012

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'Astonishing' Ice Melt May Lead to More Extreme Winters
Climate Central, 12 september 2012 

Why The Arctic Sea Ice Death Spiral Matters
Door Neven Acropolis with Kevin McKinney, Climate Progress, 26 augustus2012

Melting At Unprecedented Rate, Arctic Sea Ice Set To Reach Lowest-Ever Levels In Coming Days
Door Stephen Lacey, Climate Progress, 24 augustus 2012

'Opwarming aarde niet meer onder controle'
Door Barbara Debusschere, Trouw, 28 augustus 2012 

Is Climate Change Bringing the Arctic to Europe?
Door Joe Romm, 6 februari 2012

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