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28 augustus 2012

IJskap Noordpool smelt tot kleinste omvang ooit gemeten

Record-minimum ijs-oppervlak aan de Noordpool. Klik om uit te vergroten. Bron: NASA.

Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Lowest Extent Ever Measured, Reports National Snow and Ice Data Center

Climate Progress / University of Colorado Boulder, 27 augustus 2012

The blanket of sea ice floating on the Arctic Ocean melted to its lowest extent ever recorded since satellites began measuring it in 1979, according to the University of Colorado Boulder’s National Snow and Ice Data Center.

[...] CU-Boulder researchers say the old, thick multi-year ice that used to dominate the Arctic region has been replaced by young, thin ice that has survived only one or two melt seasons - ice which now makes up about 80 percent of the ice cover.  Since 1979, the September Arctic sea ice extent has declined by 12 percent per decade.

[...] Scientists say Arctic sea ice is important because it keeps the polar region cold and helps moderate global climate - some have dubbed it “Earth’s air conditioner.” While the bright surface of Arctic sea ice reflects up to 80 percent of the sunlight back to space, the increasing amounts of open ocean there - which absorb about 90 percent of the sunlight striking the Arctic - have created a positive feedback effect, causing the ocean to heat up and contribute to increased sea ice melt.

Zie ook (deels later toegevoegd): 

Earth’s Attic Is On Fire: Arctic Sea Ice Bottoms Out At New Record LowDoor Jeff Masters, Wunderblog / Climate Progress, 20 september 2012 

Arctic expert predicts final collapse of sea ice within four years
Door John Vidal, The Guardian, 17 september 2012

Along with the Arctic ice, the rich world's smugness will melt
Door George Monbiot, The Guardian, 27 augustus 2012

'Opwarming aarde niet meer onder controle'
Door Barbara Debusschere, Trouw, 28 augustus 2012 

Realistically What Might The Future Climate Look Like?
Door Dana Nuccitelli, Skeptical Science / Climate Progress, 1 september 2012

Meteorological Society: Warming Is ‘Unequivocal’, We’re The ‘Dominant Cause’, We Need ‘Rapid Reduction’ Of CO2
Door Joe Romm, Climate Progress, 28 augustus 2012

The American Meteorological Society has updated and strengthened its statement on global warming.

Arctic Sea Ice Sets Record Low, and it’s Not Over Yet
Door Michael D. Lemonick, Climate Central, 27 augustus 2012

[...] at some point the Arctic Ocean will be completely ice free for at least part of the summer, turning the planet’s greatest heat shield into a global-warming accelerator.

Satellites Show Sea Ice in Arctic Is at a Record Low
Door Justin Gillis, The New York Times, 27 augustus 2012

'Vast reservoir' of methane locked beneath Antarctic ice sheet
The Guardian, 29 augustus 2012

Death Spiral Watch: Experts Warn ‘Near Ice-Free Arctic In Summer’ In A Decade If Volume Trends Continue
Door Joe Romm, Climate Progress, 5 september 2012

The sharp drop in Arctic sea ice area has been matched by a harder-to-see — but equally sharp — drop in sea ice thickness. The combined result has been a collapse in total sea ice volume.
Many experts now say that if recent volume trends continue we will see virtually ice-free conditions sometime in the next ten years. And that may well usher in a permanent change toward extreme, prolonged weather events “Such As Drought, Flooding, Cold Spells And Heat Waves.

Wadhams told the BBC how much warming is accelerated by just replacing the reflective white ice with the more absorptive open ocean:
Prof Wadhams calculates that this increased absorption of the sun’s rays is “the equivalent of about 20 years of additional CO2 being added by man”.
The Cambridge University expert says that the Arctic ice cap is “heading for oblivion.
Understanding The Human-Caused Arctic Death Spiral
Door Dana Nuccitelli, Skeptical Science / Climate Progress, 8 september 2012

West Antarctica Warming Three Times Faster Than Global Average, Threatening To Destabilize This Unstable Ice Sheet
Door NCAR / Climate Progress, 27 december 2012

Arctic Death Spiral Bombshell: CryoSat-2 Confirms Sea Ice Volume Has Collapsed
Door Joe Romm, Climate Progress, 14 februari 2013

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