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27 juni 2012

Zorgwekkende nieuwe studie zeespiegelstijging door opwarming aarde

New Studies on Sea Level Rise Make Clear We Must Act Now
Door Joe Romm en Andrew Freedman, Climate Progress / Climate Central, 26 juni 2012

[...] Stabilizing at 2 °C [...] warming leads to 2.5 feet [76 centimeter; K] of sea level rise (SLR) by 2100 and a devastating 8 feet [244 centimeter] by 2300, a new analysis [door Schaeffer et al. in Nature Climate Change] findsa new analysis finds. [This would require] very aggressive CO2 mitigation.

[...] Stabilizing at 3 °C [...] leads to about 3 feet [91 centimeter; K] of SLR by 2100 and over 11 feet [334 centimeter; K] of SLR by 2300.  That would still require a huge amount of clean energy deployment in the coming decades (see here).

Staying near our current greenhouse emissions emissions path —[...] which is not the worst-case scenario— still leads to over 40 inches [ruim een meter] of SLR by 2100 and then seas continue to rise 7 inches [circa 18 centimeter; K] or more a decade [dus 180 centimeter per eeuw; K]!

[...] The SLR analysis [...] does not factor in the possibility of nonlinear disintegration of the Greenland or West Antarctic ice sheets, which is already occurring.

[...] How future generations would adapt to endlessly rising seas at that rate (or higher) is hard to imagine — even if it were not accompanied by many other simultaneous catastrophes, including Dust-Bowlification [zie ook hier; K], ocean acidification, and ever-worsening extreme weather. The time to act is now.

Zie ook (deels later toegevoegd):

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