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22 maart 2012

5 grote bedreigingen van schoon drinkwater

Door Tara Lohan, Alternet, 21 maart 2010

World Water Day is a chance to stop and realize that humanity is facing a frightening water crisis.

1. Racial and Economic Inequalities
2. Privatization
3. Aging Infrastructure
4. Licenses to Pollute
5. Dirty Energy

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VN waarschuwen voor wereldwijd drinkwatertekort
Trouw, 24 mei 2013

World Water Day: Understanding Water Risk
Door Manish Bapna en Betsy Otto, WRI Insights Aqueduct / Climate Progress, 22 maart 2012

Why the Right to Water Is Under Attack
Door Shiney Varghese, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy / Alternet, 26 maart 2012

World leaders are trying to roll back momentum that would instill the right to water as an essential human right.

‘Last Call At The Oasis’ Is Loud Wakeup Call On Global Water Crisis
Door Mindy Lubber, Ceres / Climate Progress, 6 mei 2012

This weekend in theaters in Los Angeles, and in coming weeks in Phoenix, San Diego and Atlanta, a powerful new documentary premiers. Look closely at the early screening locations and you just might guess the topic: water scarcity.

In A New Documentary, Robert Redford Tells The Colorado River’s Epic Story
Door Michelle Nijhuis, OnEarth / Climate Progress, 12 mei 2012

It's No Longer Enough to Regulate Corporate Greed: The Global Water Crisis Demands a Paradigm Shift
Door Maude Barlow and Meera Karunananthan, AlterNet, 20 juni 2012

When it comes to water, the corporate green economy is about using the environmental crisis to further entrench corporate rights and access to scarce water resources. 

Don't Want to Be a Vegetarian? You May Not Have a Choice
Door John Vidal, 29 augustus 2012

Only a Revolution in Our Thinking Can Save Us From a Water Crisis
Interview door Tara Lohan, Alternet, 25 september 2012

Cynthia Barnett's new book, "Blue Revolution" issues a call for an American water ethic.

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