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31 augustus 2010

Glenn Beck's propaganda vervalst de geschiedenis

How Glenn Beck’s Perversion of Dr. King’s Vision is Proof Positive of Orwell’s Wisdom
Posted by Chauncey DeVega, Alternet, 30 augustus 2010

As I am sure many of you know, Glenn “Lonesome Rhodes” Beck [has been holding a big rally] at the National Mall on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous address to the March on Washington. In the past few weeks Mr. Beck has been defending this apparent attempt to associate himself with Dr. King by claiming rather histrionically that “black people don’t own” King, and that he somehow stands for the true meaning of the civil rights movement.

This is the latest, and perhaps most insulting of all Beck’s many flagrant abuses of the historical record. I’ve come to the conclusion that what he is doing is just nakedly Orwellian: destroy the truth in order to advance his ideological agenda. Any consideration of the actual historical record is totally absent from his musings on the past. In fact, it is irrelevent, since he seeks only to attack his enemies and try to make his extremist ideas respectable. In his renderings of history up is down and down is up: he deems the Nazis Leftists (despite the fact that socialists and communists were Hitler’s first victims), Franklin d. Roosevelt a fascist (despite leading America to victory against Hitler), and his show features a dope dressed like Thomas Paine attacking the separation of church and state (even though Paine himself was a notorious unbeliever.)

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[*] One would be tempted to put these folks into the lunatic fringe, but Hickman explains why “that would be a mistake”:
(...) it would appear they attract the support of some significant players. From an environmental perspective, it is a concern to see that Freedom Institute of Erie County website lists among its “partners” the Heritage Foundation and the Koch-funded Cato Institute. These two influential right-wing thinktanks are very familiar names to those who participate in the climate debate as they are among the leading sponsors of climate scepticism. That their names are now being associated with the views being espoused by the likes of the Freedom Institute of Erie County should act as a sobering reminder of the United States that might await us if the wider Tea Party movement achieves the political victories it seeks in November and beyond.

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