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26 juni 2012

Nieuwe pr-man paus van Fox News en Opus Dei

The Pope's New 'Communications Strategist': Fox News Reporter and Secretive Opus Dei Member
Door Adele M. Stan, Alternet, 25 juni 2012

The pope's new PR strategist not only hails from Fox News; he belongs to the secretive Opus Dei society and lives in an all-male house cleaned by women members. 

[...] there are recent attempts by state-level conferences of Catholic bishops halt proposed state legislation in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts that would either lengthen or lift statutes of limitations for reporting sexual crimes against children, all in the service of further covering up thousands of such crimes by Catholic priests.

Later toegevoegd:

Fascism in the Vatican: Former Catholic Priest on "The Pope’s War" and Clergy's Child Molestation
Juan Gonzales interviewt Matthew Fox, Democracy Now! / Alternet, 28 februari 2013

Matthew Fox says the Catholic Church has "become a viper’s nest. It’s really sick, what’s going on."

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