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20 juni 2012

Watervoorziening bedreigd door dammen in 'verkochte' rivieren

Film Patagonia Rising; a frontier story of water and power.

'Shock Doctrine' in Action: Vital Freshwater Resources Under Attack by Privatization Capitalists

Door Scott Thill, Alternet, 19 juni 2012

[...] "One of the most twisted things I learned while making Patagonia Rising is that the companies behind the building of dams in developing countries are mostly from Europe and China," Oakland, Calif.-based director Brian Lilla told AlterNet. "Ninety percent of Chile's water rights were sold off by Pinochet and are now controlled by Spanish and Italian energy conglomerates."

Film Patagonia Rising:

Zie ook:

It's No Longer Enough to Regulate Corporate Greed: The Global Water Crisis Demands a Paradigm Shift
Door Maude Barlow and Meera Karunananthan, AlterNet, 20 juni 2012

When it comes to water, the corporate green economy is about using the environmental crisis to further entrench corporate rights and access to scarce water resources.

Power plants 'burning our rivers,' using up precious water
EENews / Climate Wire, juni 2012

Later toegevoegd, in zijdelings verband:

Burning Rivers: How Coal And Nuclear Are Sucking Up Our Fresh Water
Door Max Frankel, Climate Progress, 2 juli 2012

'Kanaliseren Donau ramp voor Amazone van Europa'
Trouw, 1 juli 2012

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