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03 juni 2012

Bossen-wet Brazilië schaadt regenwoud ondanks veto

Greenpeace, 1 juni 2012

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff tried to create the illusion last week that she was vetoing the very worst parts of Brazil's new Forest Code to protect the Amazon rainforest. The reality, however, is entirely different.
On Monday, Dilma Rousseff's administration finally released the text of the partial vetoes and moderations and far from a straightforward veto, the text has taken some time to weed through and figure out. And guess what? It's not good news.

Our analysis of the text shows that Dilma has done nothing to strengthen the protection of the Amazon. In fact, this is the latest blow for the Amazon from a government that is systematically dismantling Brazil's environmental protection measures and comes just weeks before Brazil will host the Rio+20 Earth Summit.

Here is the breakdown of what Dilma's changes to the Forest Code actually mean in plain language.

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Boswet Brazilië krijgt slap aftreksel
Door Stijntje Blankendaal, Trouw, 19 juni 2012

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