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15 december 2010

Internetdiscussies gemanipuleerd door betaalde extremisten?

Are Right-Wing Libertarian Internet Trolls Getting Paid to Dumb Down Online Conversations?
Door George Monbiot / Alternet, 15 december 2010

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Toevoeging 18 januari 2011:

Why the Internet Is a Great Tool for Totalitarians
Door Evgeny Morozov, Wired, 27 december 2011

The Net Delusion
Evgeny Morozov, PublicAffairs, januari 2011, 432 pagina's

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Het grote geld en de media achter de Tea Party

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Denier-bots live! Why are online comments’ sections over-run by the anti-science, pro-pollution crowd?
Door Joe Romm, Climate Progress, 20 februari 2011

According to an embedded MS Word document found in one of the HB Gary emails, it involves creating an army of sockpuppets, with sophisticated “persona management” software that allows a small team of only a few people to appear to be many, while keeping the personas from accidentally cross-contaminating each other. Then, to top it off, the team can actually automate some functions so one persona can appear to be an entire Brooks Brothers riot online.

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