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01 april 2013

Video Tea Party entameert strijdgroepen

Slick, Paranoid Tea Party Video Aims for Violent Insurrection
Door Richard (RJ) Eskow, Alternet, 26 maart 2013

Attendees at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) were reportedly thrilled by a short sci-fi video depicting a dictatorial near-future government and the underground "Movement on Fire" that springs up to resist it. The video, a thinly veiled advertisement for violent insurrection from the “Tea Party Patriots" group, boasts professional acting and Hollywood production values. But underneath its bright, professional sheen lurk dark overtones of End Times paranoia that will resonate with millions of American fundamentalists. Its apocalyptic imagery is as ancient as Revelations, its glossy look as modern as a Revlon ad, and its near-subliminal barrage of rapid-cut imagery rings with the terror-fueled sermons of 1,000 preachers.


November vorig jaar verscheen al een uiterst agressieve video met Michael Needham, baas van Heritage Action, een afdeling van de conservatieve denktank The Heritage Foundation: 'We are in a war'.

In zijdelings verband (later toegevoegd):

Radio Hosts Jim Garrow and Pete Santilli Openly Call for Military Coup Against Obama. Far right bad craziness getting worse
Kragar, Little Green Footballs, 7 januari 2013

Ron Paul to Deliver Keynote Speech at Conference That Features Holocaust Deniers and New World Order Conspiracy Theorist
Door Rachel Tabachnick, / Alternet, 2 september 2013

Police Chief Uploads YouTube Videos Firing Weapons, Ranting About "Libtards" and Calling for Militia Activism
Door Kristen Gwynne, Alternet, 24 juli 2013

A fascist takeover of Greece? We should be so lucky
Taki, The Spectator, 20 juli 2013

[Schokkend dat The Spectator zo'n stuk plaatst en met die kop erboven; K]

Anonymous Expose Nazi Third Position 'Bridging Tactic' with Ron Paul
Door Gianluca Mezzofior, International Business Times, 2 februari 2012

Talk of armed revolution in the US shifts from the Left to the Right
Door Gene, Harry's Place, 6 mei 2013

Uh Oh, Almost Half of Republicans Think an Armed Revolution "Might Be Necessary"
Door David Sirota, Salon / Alternet, 1 mei 2013

44 Percent of Republicans Think Armed Revolution May be Necessary, Study Finds
Door Steven Hsieh, AlterNet, 1 mei 2013

The Southern State Fast Becoming Ayn Rand's Vision of Paradise
Door Les Leopold, AlterNet, 10 april 2013

Tennessee lawmakers have elevated hatred for government and disgust for poor people to an art form.

ICSR Insight: The New Far Right – 10 Issues and Questions
The International Centre for the Study of Radicalisiation, 8 april 2013

Conservatives Are Morphing into the Party of Doomsday Preppers
Door Reed Richardson, The Nation / Alternet, 5 april 2013

Powerful Right-Wing Groups Are on a Stealth Mission to Make America Look Like Texas
Door Lee Fang, The Nation / Alternet, 4 april 2013

16 Frightening NRA Police State 'Solutions' That Will Turn Our Schools into Gun-Crazy Nightmares
Door Steven Rosenfeld, Alternet, 4 april 2013

The NRA wants to make every student and school employee a suspect, and arm security officers with legal authority to shoot back. [...] the bottom line is that the  report by Hutchinson’s security-oriented consulting firm for the NRA would militarize schools and turn them into lightweight versions of modern prisons. Nowhere does it suggest the obvious—that taking guns out of circulation will lessen their use. Instead, it seeks to make guns in schools the new normal.

Former Prisoner's Dire Warning: America's Prisons Turning Out Violent White Supremacists "Mentally Fighting Civil War"
Door Alex Kane, AlterNet, 2 april 2013

Does the Aryan Brotherhood have anything to do with the killings of two Texas officials and a state prison chief in Colorado?

7 Weirdest Conspiracy Theories Now Taken Seriously by GOP
Door Mark Howard, AlterNet, 8 mei

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