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16 april 2012

6 vuile energiebronnen die de aarde kapot maken

Door Michal I. Niman, Artvoice / Alternet, 14 april 2012

Think of this as taking fracking to the next level so that we can continue to speed along on our highway to hell - peak oil, and the earth, be damned.

1. Light Tight Oil

2. Utlra Deepwater Pre-Salt Oil

3. Oil Sands

4. Offshore Arctic Oil

5. Shale Oil

6. Nuclear

En dan noemt Niman in dit rijtje nog niet eens: kolen, fracking, biobrandstoffen (in het bijzonder palmolie) en olievelden in het regenwoud en andere natuurgebieden (zoals in Congo).

Aan het slot van zijn stuk herinnert hij eraan:
So yeah, Fracking is bad. Very bad. But the problem isn’t just fracking. Yes, we’ve got to fight against hydraulic fracturing because it threatens our most valuable resource - water. And, in the best case scenario, when we win, we need to understand that we won just one skirmish.
The real battle, for sane sustainable safe energy policies, is just beginning, and it will never ever end. We can’t allow sociopaths to take the future of the planet and bet it on a roulette table. There are sustainable pathways. They are blocked, however, by vested interests that one way or another will have to get out of the way.
Each of the individual threats that I delineate above represents an industry - billions of dollars of investment and potentially trillions of dollars of profit. This profit, however, will come at an exponentially higher cost to the commons, with the ensuing environmental destruction occurring at a level the earth has not seen since before the advent of the age of human existence.
[...] We need to speak truth to this power. We need to do it with great volume, and we must be prepared never to let up, as the stakes are too high. There is hope, however. More than twice as many Americans now work green jobs in the solar and wind industries, as in the coal industry. [...]

Zie ook (deels later toegevoegd::

Canadian government overhauling environmental rules to aid oil extraction
Door Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post, 4 juni 2012

How Ottawa runs on oil
Door Paul Wells and Tamsin McMahon, with Alex Ballingall,, 23 maart 2012

What If The Fossil Fuel Industry Gets Its Way? A Look At The Year 2030
Door Jorge Madrid, Climate Progress, 16 mei 2012

Today, the Center for American Progress released “America’s Future Under ‘Drill, Baby, Drill,’” describing where we may be in the year 2030 if we continue down the path of fossil fuel dependency that the American Petroleum Institute (API) advocates a report on the organization’s “vision,” also released today.
If you ask API, that vision means opening up significant portions of our oceans that are currently off-limits to drilling; turning large swaths of our pristine public lands into areas for extraction; and pushing shortcuts in the environmental and public health review process to speed up permits.
CAP’s report illustrates some of the costs we may incur if Big Oil gets its way: Intensifying heat waves, drought, and accelerated sea-level rise become a normal part of our warming, unchecked, carbon-spewing world. Public health impacts in the U.S. from smog and ozone quadruple, global food prices rise, and water scarcity exacerbates already-worsening conditions in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The Enviro Disaster You Know Nothing About: The Eco-Devastating Quest for "Frac Sand" in Rural America
Door Ellen Cantarow, TomDispatch / Alternet, 20 mei 2012

Midwestern rural communities are being devastated by energy companies searching for a form of sand to use in their destructive fracking operations elsewhere in rural America.

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Photo Credit: Public Citizen

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