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11 april 2012

Het hardvochtige Amerika van Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's America: Five Pictures From the Future
Door R.J. Eskow, Campaign for America's Future / Alternet, 10 april 2012

[...] Economic radical Paul Ryan has endorsed Mitt Romney, Romney's embraced the Ryan budget, and the House Republicans have voted to enact the Romney/Ryan vision of the future into law. [...] For his part, Paul Ryan expressed confidence that Romney will enact something very close to the budget he proposed and House Republicans passed this week. [...] The Romney/Ryan America of tomorrow is more like the science-fiction worlds of H.G. Wells' Time Machine or Fritz Lang's Metropolis than it is like the United States as we know it. [...]

1. Diseased America. [...] By 2022 their plan would cut Federal Medicaid funding by roughly one-third. The Urban Institute has estimated that states would drop between 14 million and 27 million people from Medicaid by 2021. [...]

2. Middle class? Not in their world. There will be the rich - and everybody else. [...] Their tax policy, along with the dismantling of our retirement security, will guide us toward that H.G. Wells world, where a small pampered elite frolicking in luxurious gardens while the rest of the country struggles in dark underground tunnels of job insecurity and financial difficulty. [...]

3. Starving America. [...] As the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities documents, 62 percent of the Ryan/Romney cuts come from programs that serve low-income communities. [...]

4. Death-Star America. The Romney/Ryan vision of government is one that provides less than the bare minimum to its citizens while spending many times (see CBPP and Matt Yglesias for more) what other nations spend on extravagant and needless military programs. [...]

5. Obscene-Wealth America. [...] Millionaires would get to keep their extravagant Bush tax cuts, under which a top tax rate that was 91 percent under Eisenhower and 70 percent under Reagan is only 35 percent - and Ryan and Romney would top that off by giving them another $265,000 per year in cuts! [...] As the CBPP reports, "After-tax incomes would rise by 12.5 percent among millionaires, but just 1.9 percent for middle-income households" [...]

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