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15 november 2010

Gedrag op internet van werknemers automatisch bespioneerd en gerapporteerd

Door G.W. Schulz, Center for Investigative Reporting, 14 november 2010

A new company called Social Intelligence billing itself as a social media private eye will observe your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other online accounts on behalf of employers to make certain you’re not a liability.

Social Intelligence will carry out near 'real-time surveillance' of your behavior with screenshots and customizable reports used to document activity and keep the front office informed. Its marketing materials play into larger fears every employer could have.

According to the company’s website:

'Once employees have been hired, their online behavior poses a possible threat to your company. Employees may criticize managers or coworkers on a social networking site, post questionable photos on a blog, or regularly update personal sites while on the clock. … Consistent monitoring creates awareness and strict adherence among employees, thereby reducing ‘cyber slacking,’ fraud and negative company publicity.'

Latere toevoeging:

Google Maps Reinvented As Employee Tracker
Door Caleb Garling, Wired, 21 juni 2012

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