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05 november 2010

Het leugenachtige ultrarechtse media-universum

Joe Romm, Climate Progress, November 5

In the amazing video below, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow focuses on what our favorite climate-decrocker Peter Sinclair calls, 'The Greatest Threat to the Planet: The Right Wing Echo Chamber'. Maddow explains why a substantial fraction of conservatives and conservative-leaning independents are impervious to the facts. Maybe T.S. Eliot was wrong. The world doesn’t end either with a bang or a whimper but with the endless repetition of lies and disinformation.

Toevoeging maart 2019

WATCH: How Fox helps Trump weaken our democracy
ThinkProgress, 21 maart 2019

While the feedback loop between President Donald Trump and Fox News has been well established, less attention has been paid to the effect that Fox News’ propaganda has on its viewership. A new study comparing the sentiments of Fox viewers to non-viewers found that the network has dramatically normalized the ways Trump undermines democratic norms and public institutions.

Watch video here.

Eerder toegevoegd:

Revealed: How Conservative Radio Creates an Echo Chamber of Hate
Door Arturo Garcia, Alternet, 16 augustus 2012

A new study looks at the ways right-wing radio amplifies certain extreme voices and legitimizes their anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rhetoric.

85 Percent Of Spending From Leading Conservative Groups Went Toward Ads Labeled ‘Deceptive’ By Fact Checkers
Door Stephen Lacey, Climate Progress, 27 juni 2012

Roger Ailes and the rise of Fox News
Door Tim Dickinson, The Guardian, 10 augustus 2011

Progressive Media Suffer Losses In the Fight Against the Right-Wing Media Machine
Door Don Hazen, Alternet, 7 april 2011

Major progressive media stars have recently lost their platforms, while the Huffington Post eschews progressivism -- both worrying developments in the media war with the right.

'Americans Are Dangerously Uninformed'
Door Willa Paskin, Salon / Alternet, 22 juni 2012

"The Newsroom's" Emily Mortimer calls the Tea Party a "lunatic fringe," and says Americans fall too easily for lies.

Merchants of Doubt; How a handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming
Naomi Oreskes en Erik Conway, Bloomsbury Press, 368 pagina's, 2010

The 8 Worst Examples of Fox News Election Journalism Malpractice (In Just 8 Weeks)
Door Mark Howard, Alternet, 29 augustus 2012

Fox spinners disseminate brazenly dishonest propaganda without shame or fear of reprisal.

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