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24 oktober 2010

Fascistisch Amerika: komende verkiezingen weer een stap in die richting?

It's not fascism yet; but if the Tea Party manages to get its hands on the levers of power, it will ne
Door Sara Robinson, Blog for Our Future / Alternet, October 22, 2010

In August 2009, I wrote a piece titled Fascist America: Are We There Yet? that sparked much discussion on both the left and right ends of the blogosphere. In it, I argued that - according to the best scholarship on how fascist regimes emerge - America was on a path that was running much too close to the fail-safe point beyond which no previous democracy has ever been able to turn back from a full-on fascist state. I also noted that the then-emerging Tea Party had a lot of proto-fascist hallmarks, and that it had the potential to become a clear and present danger to the future of our democracy if it ever got enough traction to start winning elections in a big way.

(...) The Fascist America series of three articles (the other two are here and here) [update: links gebroken, wel hier en hier te lezen] was built out of Robert Paxton's Anatomy of Fascism - a landmark work of scholarship that lays out that specific conditions and prognosis of fascism.
(...) Paxton laid out the five basic lifecycle stages of successful fascist movements. In the first stage, a mature industrial state facing some kind of crisis breeds a new, rural movement that's based on nationalist renewal. This movement invariably rejects reason and glorifies raw emotion, promises to restore lost national pride, co-opts the nation's traditional myths for its own purposes, and insists that the country must be purged of the toxic influence of outsiders and intellectuals who are blamed for their current misery.
(Sound familiar yet?) (...) 

(...) Really? Are you serious?
It's fair to wonder if the Tea Party deserves to be taken this seriously. After all, there's always been this faction in US politics - the 10-12% rightwing authoritarian hard core that fueled McCarthyism and the Bircher movement and the Moral Majority; that voted for Goldwater and then George Wallace and even put KKK leader David Duke into office for a time. The far right has always been with us. It's one of the constants in our political landscape.
But they've always been a fringe movement, and it's mostly kept to itself. What's different now is that all the crazy ideas of the radical right - climate and evolution denialism, banning contraception, sovereign citizenship, End Times theology, white nationalism, all of it - have been catalyzed by the magic of the Internet and widespread economic disaster into one coherent mass subculture that, according to a Wall Street Journal poll released yesterday, has attracted a full 35% of the country's likely voters. According to Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates, the Tea Parties are a broad movement that brings together several preexisting formations on the political right.

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Aanvulling oktober 2016: Max Blumenthal blameert zich door zich te laten
fêteren door Poetins propagandazender RT. Bij zijn verhouding tot 'zo objectief mogelijke journalistiek' kan dus een vet vraagteken worden gezet.

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