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21 juli 2016

50 voorstellen op de Republikeinse Nationale Conventie: juridische, sociale, ecologische en morele afgrond

50 Shockingly Extreme Right-Wing Proposals in the 2016 Republican Party Platform
Door Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet, 18 juli 2016

What Trump, a GOP Congress and GOP-appointed Supreme Court would do to America.

The Republican Party platform is a wish list for what Republicans in Congress and Donald Trump would like to impose on America. What’s surprising is that it goes further to the right than what’s even been heard on the campaign trail from Trump [...].

The GOP 2016 platform would make Christianity the official American religion, English the official American language, replace sex education with abstinence-only advice for teenagers, privatize almost all areas of federal services, cut taxes and regulations for the rich and titans of industry, and impose a belligerent foreign policy and military build-up.

Here are 50 excerpts from the 2016 GOP platform.

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Fact-checking Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the 2016 RNC
Door Glenn Kessler en Michelle Ye Hee Lee, The Washington Post, 22 juli 2016

The dark portrait of America that Donald J. Trump sketched in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention is a compendium of doomsday stats that fall apart upon close scrutiny. Numbers are taken out of context, data is manipulated, and sometimes the facts are wrong.

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