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22 februari 2012

Vijf keer dood in de pot met Rick Santorum

Agenda for the Dark Ages: GOP Frontrunner Rick Santorum's 5 Most Extremist Themes
Door Adele M. Stan, Alternet, 22 februari 2012

If Santorum gets to bear the standard for the GOP, the party moves even further to the right. Here's a taste of what's on that plate.

1. The end of the secular state.

2. The end of science.

3. A return to patriarchy.

4. The fostering of ignorance.

5. The demonization of everybody but white, heterosexual, right-wing Christian males.

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9 Santorum Speeches That Make Me Want to Throw Up
Door Adele M. Stan, Alternet, 28 februari 2012

The thought of living under a neo-theocracy makes me kind of queasy.

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Top Biblical Verses That Illustrate Why Rick Santorum is Out of Step with Christianity on Environmental Issues
Door Stephen Lacey, Climate Progress, 23 februari 2012

[...] As Santorum gains media traction after three unofficial primary wins, the outspoken Catholic has been increasingly vocal about his strong dislike of environmentalists.

[...] Santorum confuses [a famous] Genesis passage as a command for exploitation, extraction and waste — when in fact the Bible clearly explains that the earth is a gift to be taken care of, not fouled.

Stewardship of the earth is not just a strong theme in Genesis. It’s a very strong theme throughout the entire Old Testament. So what other messages does the Bible deliver on the importance of environmental protection?

Why the GOP Campaign for the Presidency Is About Guaranteeing a Radical Conservative Future for America
Door George Lakoff, Alternet, 12 maart 2012

The Santorum Strategy is not just about Santorum. It is about pounding the most radical conservative ideas into the public mind by constant repetition during the Republican presidential campaign, whether by Santorum himself, by Gingrich or Ron Paul, by an intimidated Romney, or by the Republican House majority.

[...] When you negate conservative language, you activate conservative ideas and, hence, automatically and unconsciously strengthen the brain circuitry that characterizes conservative values.

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Toch is de Tea Party machtiger dan ooit

Foto credits Adele M. Stan: Santorum beantwoordt vragen van de pers.

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