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16 februari 2011

Republikeinse voorstellen desastreus voor volksgezondheid en milieu

Door Brad Johnson, Climate Progress, 16 februari 2011

(...) Republican amendments, if fully enacted, would:

– Eliminate the White House Council on Environmental Quality, the Special Envoy for Climate Change, the Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, the NOAA Climate Service, the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E, National Science Foundation K-12 funding.

– Block US funding for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Global Environment Facility.

– Suspend enforcement of fisheries laws and construction and conservation acquisition programs of the National Parks and Department of the Interior.

– Block rules for cement plant pollution, coal ash, industrial boiler pollution, water quality, climate change pollution, climate change adaptation, energy-efficient lighting, mountaintop removal, atrazine, and water conservation.

Zie ook:

What the Right-wing Assault on Women, Unions, the Environment, Health Care and PBS Is All About
Door George Lakoff, Alternet, 19 februari 2011

Budget deficits are a ruse to conservatives. What they really want to do is change the basis of American life.

The Dems' Tepid Approach to What's at Stake in Wisc. Is Helping Conservatives Destroy Unions, Defund the Democratic Party and Take over the Country
Door George Lakoff, Alternet, 26 februari 2011

The Wisconsin protests are about a lot more than budgets and unions - and the Dems need to get out on front or reap the whirlwind.

(...) Karl Rove and Shep Smith have made it clear on Fox: If the Wisconsin plan to kill the public employees’ unions succeeds, then there will be little union money in the future to support democratic candidates. Conservatives will be effectively unopposed in raising campaign funding in most elections, including the presidential elections. This will mean a thoroughly conservative America in every issue area.

Top 10 Disastrous Policies From The Wisconsin GOP You Haven’t Heard About
Door Kevin Donohoe, ThinkProgress, 25 februari 2011

1. Eliminating Medicaid
2. Power plant privatization and environmental neglect
3. Dangerous drinking water
4. Destroying wetlands
5. Fiscal irresponsibility (Walker signed a bill this week requiring a 2/3 supermajority in the legislature to pass any tax increase)
6. Disenfranchising voters
7. Cutting jobs, loosing the future
8. Stifling innovation
9. Politicizing state agencies
10.'Naked power grab'

As Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) said Tuesday, Walker has stopped acting like the Republican governor of a Midwestern state and has instead 'basically taken on the position of a dictator' with a 'vision of America that’s similar to somewhere like Nigeria or Pakistan'.

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