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03 februari 2011

Oesters blazen de aftocht / AFP, 3 februari 2011

A survey of oyster habitats around the world has found that the succulent mollusks are disappearing fast and 85% of their reefs have been lost due to disease and over-harvesting.

(...) "Oyster reefs are at less than 10 percent of their prior abundance in most bays (70 percent) and ecoregions (63 percent)," said the study. "They are functionally extinct - in that they lack any significant ecosystem role (...).

Later toegevoegd:

Goodbye Fish and Shellfish? Meet the Biggest Threat to Our Oceans
Door Brita Belli, E Magazine / Alternet, 23 mei 2012

As emissions continue to rise, the world's oceans are becoming corrosive, threatening shellfish, corals and the entire ocean food web. 

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