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22 maart 2018

Smeltende permafrost kan meer methaan uitstoten dan gedacht

Door Chris Mooney, The Washington Post, 19 maart 2018

For some time, scientists fearing the mass release of greenhouse gases from the carbon-rich, frozen soils of the Arctic have had at least one morsel of good news in their forecasts: They predicted most of the gas released would be carbon dioxide, which, though a greenhouse gas, drives warming [much] more slowly than [...] [methane].

[...] Research released [March 19th]  suggests that methane releases could be considerably more prevalent as Arctic permafrost thaws.

Later toegevoegd:

'The doomsayers were right': James Hansen’s 30-year-old climate warning rings true today
Door Joe Romm, Think / Climate Progress, 22 juni 2018

30 years after a brave scientist warned us about global warming, deniers run America.

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