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08 september 2012

Voor wie biologische landbouw sowieso gezonder is

Whoa, Is Organic Food No Healthier Than Non-Organic? Controversy Erupts Over Study
Door Jason Mark, Earth Island Journal / Alternet, 8 september 2012

[1.] [...] even if organic foods are not demonstrably better for my health than industrial foods, I know that organics are better for the health of other people – the people who grow our nation’s food. [...] One of the most important environmental benefits organic agriculture delivers is a boost to public health and safety.

[...] When pesticides are sprayed onto farm fields, they don’t just stay in that one place. They seep into the water and waft through the air and accumulate on the shoes and clothes of farm workers [met beroerde gevolgen voor de gezondheid, zoals diverse onderzoeken hebben uitgewezen; K]

[2.] [...] you should read  this Tom Philpott dissection of the Stanford report when considering your risk of eating pesticide residue.

5 Ways the Stanford Study Sells Organics Short
Door Tom Philpott, 5 september 2012

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