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25 september 2012

Romney kan nog winnen door hulp christelijk rechts

Christian Right to the Rescue? How Clueless Romney Could Still Win
Door Adele M. Stan, Alternet, 25 september 2012

[...] a number of [...] members [of the liberal  punditry class] have declared the election over [...] [calling Romney a loser]. [But] the left shouldn't underestimate Ralph Reed's billionaire-bankrolled Christian voting machine.

[...] national polls don’t amount to a hill of beans in this election. What counts is turnout and, as AlterNet reported in July, political operative and former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed is putting together an impressive get-out-the-vote operation, via his organization, Faith and Freedom Coalition, which funded by right-wing billionaires.


Men moet inderdaad niet vergeten dat in 2004 George W. Bush tegen alle verwachtingen in werd herkozen (hoewel een nipte meerderheid van de Amerikanen op Al Gore stemde), niet op de laatste plaats door toedoen van christelijk rechts, dat van deur tot deur ging om kiezers te werven en te bewegen naar het stemhokje te gaan. Fundamentalistische christenen zagen dit 'wonder' als een ingrijpen van God.

Toch vermoed ik dat Romney het niet redt, omdat zijn mormoonse geloof slecht ligt bij veel protestantse christenen.

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Wealthy Right Wingers Including the Kochs Have Pledged to Raise $1 Billion to Elect Romney and Other Republicans
Door Brendan Fischer, PR Watch / Alternet, 24 september 2012

Support from nominally independent Super PACs and dark money groups gives Romney a significant financial edge over President Obama.

[...] With support from these deep-pocketed outside donors and organizations, Romney could be the first candidate in modern history to outraise and outspend the incumbent president.

How The Right's Latest Conspiracy Theory Might Unleash a Wave of Domestic Terrorism if Obama Wins
Door Joshua Holland, Alternet, 25 september 2012

Some types of spin are more dangerous than others.

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 Door Steve Kornacki, Salon / Alternet, 18 oktober 2012

Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition Multiple Choice Survey on Obama: Nazi or Communist?
Door Annie-Rose Strasser, ThinkProgress / Alternet, 26 september 2012 

Man Who Was 'Tortured' by the Prospect of Obama's Re-Election Kills Family, Self
Alternet, 28 september 2012

Pastor John Hagee, calling for 40 days of prayer for Mitt Romney,  insisted that "Four more years of Obama will bring absolute socialism to America [...]". A full-page ad that ran in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune blared that Obama would "force employers to give illegal immigrants the jobs of U.S. citizens," "force courts to accept Sharia law" and "force doctors to assist homosexuals in buying surrogate babies," among other outrages. 

How an Israeli Voter Registration Group Might Win Mitt Romney the Election
Door Mariav Zonzein, OpenZion / Alternet, 11 oktober 2012

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Foto: Ralph Reed van de Faith and Freedom Coalition; credit Adele M. Stan

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