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27 september 2012

New York begint te lijken op een politiestaat

9 Frightening Things About America's Biggest Police Force
Door Tana Ganeva en Laura Gottesdiener, Alternet, 27 september 2012

The NYPD is the biggest police force in the country, with over 34,000 uniformed officers patrolling New York's streets, and 51,000 employees overall - more than the FBI. It has a proposed budget of $4.6 billion for 2013, a figure that represents almost 15 percent of the entire city’s budget.
NYC's population is a little over 8 million. That means that there are 4.18 police officers per 1,000 people.

Here's a round-up of what the department has been up to lately.

1. Army Equipment
2. Relentlessly Expanding Their Global Presence
3. Spying on Muslims and Fabricating the Results
4. Targeting Activists
5. Constant Intrusion and Surveillance
6. Police Brutality
7. Corrupting Summonses Quota System
8. Above the Law
9. Protecting Wall Street from Women Wielding Underwear

Zie ook dit artikel van Henry A. Giroux (website hier): 'The rise of the national security state is no longer an abstraction and can also be seen in the collapse of the traditional distinction between the military and the police, as weapons move freely from the military to local police forces and contribute to the rise of pervasive police abuse against students, African-Americans and immigrants. We also have to include in this list a growing culture of manufactured indifference and cruelty, intensified through a commercially driven spectacle of violence that saturates every element of American society. The latter intensified daily by a language of hate aimed indiscriminately by the right-wing media, many conservative politicians and an army of anti-public pundits against those who suffer from a number of misfortunes including unemployment, inadequate health care, poverty and homelessness.'

Later toegevoegd:

One Nation Under SWAT: The Militarization of America's Police
Door Matthew Harwood, TomDispatch / AlterNet, 13 augustus 2014

Amidst the outrageous police presence in Ferguson, a look at how local law enforcement is turning communities into war zones.

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