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14 september 2012

Gesecuritiseerde verhuur: nieuwe financiële tijdbom?

The New Real Estate Train Wreck Coming Your Way: Securitized Rentals
Door Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism / Alternet, 13 september 2012

No matter how bad things get, it turns out they can always get worse. Wall Street is about to foist a new 'innovation' on investors that even the ratings agencies won’t touch.

Later toegevoegd:

Predatory Billionaires Are Destroying What's Left of New York's Affordable Housing Rental Market
Door Laura Gottesdiener, Tom Dispatch / AlterNet, 8 april 2014

The real estate market in New York has been a playground of sorts for schemes (e.q. "rental-backed securities") by huge investors.

The Coming Nightmare of Wall Street-Controlled Rental Markets
Door Rebecca Burns et al., In These Times / AlterNet, 9 april 2014

The Coming Nightmare of Wall Street-Controlled Rental Markets.

Illustratie: ADPSR-architecten: architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility

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