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30 december 2009

Small Metal Gods: David Sylvian

It`s the farthest place i`ve ever been
It`s a new frontier for me
And you balance things
Like you wouldn`t believe
When you should just let things be

Yes you juggle things
`cause you can`t lose sight
Of the wretched storyline
It`s the narrative that must go on
Until the end of time

And you`re guilty of some self-neglect
And the mind unravels for days
I`ve told you once
Yes a thousand times
I`m better off this way

I`m better off - this way

Where`s my queen of hearts
My royal flush
I have cleaned and scrubbed her decks
My suicide my better days
There`s nothing i regret

I`ve placed the gods
In a ziploc bag
I`ve put them in a drawer
They`ve refused my prayers for the umpteenth time
So i`m evening up the score

Small metal gods
From a casting line
From a factory in mumbai
Some manual labourer`s bread and butter
And a single-minded life

Small metal gods
Cheap souvenirs
You`ve abandoned me for sure
I`m dumping you my childish things
I`m evening up the score

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