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02 juli 2009

Bosbranden door spintkever: nare feedback klimaatverandering

By Joe Romm, Climate Progress, July 1, 2009

The signs of global warming are everywhere. Coming back from my Vail conference to Denver, the driver pointed out to me the shocking devastation the state is now experiencing from the pine beetle, devastation anyone who lives in the West can see.

(...) we have the national 'liberal' media, like the NYT and NBC, blowing this story, while the local, conservative media get it right, see Conservative San Diego Union knows climate change is killing Western forests and Oldest Utah newspaper: Bark-beetle driven wildfires are a vicious climate cycle.

Of course, the journal Nature understands the science, as an April 2008 article made clear: Mountain pine beetle and forest carbon feedback to climate change. So does the Canadian media: Climate-Driven Pest Devours Canada’s Forests.

(...) global warming leads to more bark beetles, which kills more trees, which leads to more fires, which emit large amounts of carbon dioxide, which leads to more global warming!

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