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08 juni 2009

Waarom klimaatskeptici geen skeptici zijn (maar ontkenners)

Watch this video decribing the now-classic Dunning and Kruger papers on how the people who are most wrong are the least able to perceive it.

By Joe Romm, Climate Progress, June 7, 2009

Let’s (...) note that neither the deniers nor the delayers are skeptics, the term they (and the media) like to use.

They aren't skeptical - their minds are made up.

The traditional or mainstream media still call them 'skeptics' as in this NYT headline. As long as they do so they trivialize the problem and render the word 'skeptic' devoid of meaning.

All scientists are skeptics. Hence the motto of the Royal Society of London, one of the world’s oldest scientific academies (founded in 1660), Nullius in verba: 'Take nobody’s word'. Indeed, as Wikipedia explains in its entry on 'Skepticism':

'Considering the rigor of the scientific method, science itself may simply be thought of as an organized form of skepticism.'

Skeptics can be convinced by the facts, but not the deniers and delayers. Skeptics (and real scientists) do not continue repeating arguments that have been discredited. Deniers and delayers do.

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Groundhog day, June 7, 2009

'The same nonsense, the same logical fallacies, the same confusions - all seem to be endlessly repeated'.

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