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23 juni 2009

Zwitserse gletsjers smelten sneller dan ooit

Reuters, 22 juni 2009

Zie ook::

Mystery Glaciers Growing as Most Others Retreat
By John Roach, National Geographic News, June 22, 2009

Ice Volume Of Switzerland’s Glaciers Calculated
Science Daily, 9 juli 2009

World’s Glaciers Shrink for 18th Year
By Joe Romm, Climate Progress, January 30, 2009

Ice Volume Of Switzerland’s Glaciers Calculated
Science Daily, 9 juli 2009

Schweizerischen Gletschermessnet

Another one bites the dust, literally: Bolivia’s 18,000 year-old Chacaltaya glacier is gone
By Joe Romm, Climate Progress, May 8, 2009

This is all sadly consistent with other recent research - see:
Another climate impact comes faster than predicted: Himalayan glaciers 'decapitated'

AGU 2008: Two trillion tons of land ice lost since 2003

And this country isn’t being spared — see:
Another climate impact coming faster than predicted: Glacier National Park to go glacier-free a decade early

Retreat of Andean Glaciers Foretells Global Water Woes
By Carolyn Kormann, Yale Environment 360, April 11, 2009

De-Icer: USGS report details 'recent dramatic shrinkage” in U.S. glaciers, matching global decline'
Climate Progress, August 8, 2010

Indonesia’s last glacier will melt within years
Climate Progresss, Juli 1, 2010

Levensstijl smelt weg met de sneeuw op de bergen van Uganda

Toevoeging juli 2011:

Europa stevent af op watercrisis
De Volkskrant, 27 juli 2011

Toegevoegd 9/2012:

As Glaciers Melt In The European Alps, A Famed Austrian Peak Is Nearly Ice-Free
Door Bob Berwyn, Summit County Citizens Voice / Climate Progress, 10 september 2012

[...]  [The summit cross at 3660 meter] will be remounted on solid rock. Austrian media is reporting that, up until very recently, it would have been impossible to use the bare rocks at the summit as an anchor point.

[...] Global warming deniers will try to tell you that glaciers have been melting since the end of the last ice age, but the rate of melting at most glaciers now far exceeds the background rate that could be expected as part of natural climate variations.

Photography Project Documents Retreating Glaciers in Glacier National Park
USSG, Science for a changing world

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