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24 juni 2009

Uittocht uit Afrika's droge gebieden

By Andrew C. Revkin, DotEarth, June 23, 2009

Sam Knight, a talented young British journalist, filed a revealing dispatch for The Financial Times from the front lines of sub-Saharan Africa’s ongoing drought-driven diaspora. The piece is a close-up view of the global issue of migration driven by climate change. He focuses on Nandom, a town in the poorest part of northern Ghana that has lost half its population. Elders stay, both in town and in surrounding parched (and periodically drenched) drylands. But the young increasingly flee.

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Climate change hits hard on food production
By Joseph Kamugisha, The New Times, 30th June 2009

Developing countries like Rwanda need to conserve as much water as it can sustain so as to counteract the problems of global warming and maintain its agriculture at a level commensurate to the needs of the whole population.

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