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14 november 2007

Film 'De Singulariteit' van Ray Kurzweil

Movie 'The Singularity'
Wired News, Eliza Strickland, November 13, 2007

[Kurzweil:] 'The narrative story is an outgrowth of the Ramona Project, which I started in the year 2000. (...) I turned myself into a computer avatar named Ramona. I had magnetic sensors in my clothing, picking up all my motions and sending the data to Ramona, who followed my movements in real time. My voice was turned into Ramona's voice, so it looked like she was giving the presentation.'

Over Web 2.0
The Singularity Institute:

Wilde associatie
Het liedje "Ramona A. Stone" op het album " 1. Outside" van David Bowie:

So perhaps you accept that. Weird, sick, but that person's own prerogative. Okay, then consider Ramona A. Stone. She wasn't named Stone by accident. This cold individual harms no one directly, as far as we can tell. She simply leads a suicide cult where she acts as the catalyst for encouraging others to extinguish their own lives. People are responsible for their own actions, right? Hey, if Ramona can present them with sufficient rationale to persuade them to commit suicide in the name of religious this where we draw the line?

Speelt 'het internet' een 'entamerende' rol met betrekking tot het islamistische zelfmoordterrorisme?

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