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25 mei 2009

Waarom klimaatverandering moordende stormen veroorzaakt....

...erger dan Katrina and Gustav

By Joe Romm, Climate Progress, May 25, 2009

Hurricane season officially begins June 1 - though global warming will ultimately move that date up just as it is moving up the spring snowmelt. Indeed, some evidence suggests the hurricane season has been getting longer for decades (see here and below).

As Jeff Master, our favorite meteorologist and hurricane blogger, noted in November, 'This year is now the only hurricane season on record in the Atlantic that has featured major hurricanes in five separate months' (see 'A new record for the hurricane season of 2008').
Saturday, Masters explained that had 'the large extratropical storm (90L) that has been pounding Florida this week spent another six hours over water, it very likely would have been declared a tropical/subtropical depression/storm' - that is, it would have been 'the season’s first named storm'.
So I won’t wait until June 1 to revise and update some posts from last year on why global warming will lead to much worse killer storms.

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