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31 maart 2009

Boek: multinationals nemen de macht over

A Corporate Coup Is Under Way
By William Greider, / Alternet, March 31, 2009

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How the Supreme Court's 'Knox v. SEIU' Decision Could Dismantle Union Security Around the Country
Door Mariya Strauss, Alternet, 24 juni 2012

In Knox v. Service Employees International Union, the Supreme Court suggests that the First Amendment is for corporations, not working people and unions.  
Later toegevoegd:

Why You Can Kiss Public Education (and the Middle Class) Goodbye
Door Thom Hartmann en Sam Packs, Alternet, 14 december 2012

[...] Even though studies show that costly private schools don’t produce any better educational results than free public schools, for-profit schools have popped up all around the nation in recent years because of how valuable they are to corporate America.

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