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10 juni 2012

Shell zet olieverontreiniging noordpoolgebied in gang

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Our Oceans Are Dying - And Obama Wants to Let Shell Drill for More Oil in Arctic Waters
Door Subhankar Banerjee, Tom Dispatch / Alternet, 2 augustus 2012

If the major energy companies have their way, there will be no turning back until the oceans are a garbage dump.

Shell is er klaar voor! Of toch niet?
Joop, 9 juni 2012

Shell's Epic Party Fail
The Yes Men, 7 juni 2012

Sign up to save the Arctic
Greenpeace campagne voor bescherming noordpoolgebied

Risking Ruin; Shell’s dangerous developments in the Tar Sands, Arctic and Nigeria
Indigenous Environment Network en Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation /, redactie Jess Worth, UK Tar Sands Network, 2011 of 2012

Later toegevoegd: 

Ice Not Melting Fast Enough For Shell, So Oil Giant Asks To Extend Arctic Drilling Closer To Winter
Door Michael Conathan, Climate Progress, 27 augustus 2012

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