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02 mei 2012

Opwarming aarde helpt bossen verwoestende kever

Global Warming is Doubling Bark Beetle Mating, Boosting Tree Attacks Up To 60-Fold, Study Finds
Door Joe Romm, Climate Progress, 30 april 2012

[Studie gepubliceerd in Nature:]

[...] Long thought to produce only one generation of tree-killing offspring annually, some populations of mountain pine beetles now produce two generations per year, dramatically increasing the potential for the bugs.
Because of the extra annual generation of beetles, there could be up to 60 times as many beetles attacking trees in any given year, their study found.
[...] The current epidemic of the MPB [Mountain Pine Beetle; K] is an order of magnitude larger than any previously recorded, reaching trees at higher elevation and latitude than ever before.

[...] And so the bark beetle [bastkever of spintkever] is a major unexpected, nonlinear impact of manmade global warming with devastating economic and environmental consequences –  that is also an unexpected amplifying feedback of a warming.

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De klimaatkever
Door Elmar Veerman, Noorderlicht, 24 april 2008

De uitgestrekte naaldbossen in het westen van Canada zuchten onder een ongekende keverplaag. Daardoor leggen ze netto geen koolstof vast, maar raken ze juist 270 miljoen ton koolstof per jaar kwijt.

Enorme keverplaag wordt Canadese bossen fataal
Door Holly Pyhtila,, 11 maart 2009

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Door Michael Kodas, Climate Progress, 29 augustus 2012

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CTV News, 25 november 2012

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