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10 april 2012

VS: jaarlijkse vuilnis beslaat 2x oppervlakte Texas

Eerste beeld van de infographic. Klik erop voor het grotere geheel.

Must-See Infographic: Americans Throw Away Enough Trash Per Year To Cover The State Of Texas Twice Over
Door Stephen Lacey, Climate Progress, 10 april 2012

Did you know that China accounts for one third of the world’s garbage output? Or that only 1 in 5 plastic bottles is recycled? Or that Americans throw away enough trash each year to cover the state of Texas twice over?

I don’t want to give away all the cool trash factoids I just learned in one sitting. So I encourage you to check out this neat infographic on our ever-growing waste problem.

Latere toevoeging:

Waste Expert: ‘It’s Madness’ That Waste Isn’t A Bigger International Priority
Door Stephen Lacey, 20 juni 2012

[...] According to experts at Rio+20, the problem is far greater than the international community is recognizing. With global municipal solid waste set to double in by 2025 — mostly in developing countries without the capabilities to manage that waste — many say it’s one of the most pressing environmental problems of our time.

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