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19 april 2012

BP-olieramp: mismaakte garnalen en zieke vissen

Eyeless Shrimp and Fish With Tumors: The Horrific Consequences of BP's Spill
Door Lisa Kaas Boyle, Alternet, 18 april 2012

Despite mounting environmental and health consequences, not to mention the death of 11 workers, no executives have received jail time.

Zie ook:

Investigation: Two Years After the BP Spill, A Hidden Health Crisis Festers
Door Antonia Juhasz, The Nation, 18 april 2012

Five Reasons We Can’t Forget About The BP Oil Disaster
Door Kiley Kroh and Michael Conathan, Climate Progress, 20 april 2012

- Congress’s failure to act
- Fisheries
- Beaches
- Wetlands
- Deep-sea death and long-term implications

Gulf Spill Pictures: Ten New Studies Show Impact on Coast
Door Barbara Mulligan, National Geographic, 19 april 2012

How Science Failed During the Gulf Oil Disaster
Door Christopher Reddy, Wired, 20 april 2012

Gulf Coast Waters Closed to Shrimping
Door Joiau, Daily Kos / Alternet, 27 april 2012

Foto: Marine Photo Bank / Flickr Creative Commons

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