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03 november 2010

Uitslag midterm-verkiezingen VS: groen energiebeleid zo goed als dood

Door Joe Romm, Climate Progress, 2 november 2010

The new Speaker of the House will be John Boehner, the man who said:
'The idea that carbon dioxide is a carcinogen that is harmful to our environment is almost comical'.

The right-wing anti-science extremists don’t care about American leadership in the biggest job creating sector of the economy, they don’t care about reducing damage to the environment, and while they give lip service to reducing oil dependency, they are bought and paid for by Big Oil, which has no interest whatsoever in ending our addiction to oil from any source.

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Half the 2010 GOP freshman class are climate science deniers
Door Scott Keyes, ThinkProgress, 3 november 2010

Maar er is ook een lichtpuntje:

Winning the clean energy and climate trifecta
Door Joe Romm, Climate Progress, 3 november 2010

Boxer and Brown sweep to victory, while Prop 23 fails resoundingly in a decisive and historic victory for the state’s clean energy economy, clean air and climate policy.

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