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16 augustus 2010

Oprukkende wandluizen (bedwantsen) jagen miljoenen Amerikanen schrik aan

By Anneli Rufus, AlterNet, 16 augustus 2010

Outbreaks of bed bugs, soaring in the most unexpected places - like CNN's headquarters - stoke some of our deepest fears.

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En deze video, waarin wordt gemeld dat een deskundige op het gebied van wandluizen een verband legt met de recente hittegolven Amerika - dus indirect met klimaatverandering:

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Federal Agencies Convene Summit to Beat Back Bed Bugs
ENS / Alternet, 1 februari 2011

The pesky little mites are back in greater numbers. Here's what's happening at the National Bed Bug Summit this week in D.C.

(...) Many people just want to discard all luggage and clothing after discovering an infestation, but Kells and Hahn say this is unnecessary. "The key is to contain all items suspected of carrying bed bugs in plastic bags until the items can be laundered, washed by hand, heated, or frozen," they advise.

(...) A few basic rules, courtesy of the New York City Health Department:

- Never bring bed frames, mattresses, box springs or upholstered furniture found on the street into your home.

- Check all used or rented furniture for bed bugs.

- When traveling, inspect the bed and furniture. Keep suitcases off the floor and bed, and inspect them before you leave.

- If you suspect you have been around bed bugs, immediately wash and dry your clothing on hot settings or store it in a sealed plastic bag until you can.

- Seal cracks and crevices with caulk, even if you don't have bed bugs to help prevent bed bugs and other pests from entering.

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