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15 april 2009

De aarde koelt af! (niet dus)

NASA's global temperature land-ocean index

Door Paul Luttikhuis, climate blog NRC Handelsblad, April 15, 2009

I imagine David Easterling (NOAA) and Michael Wehner (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) telling each other with a sigh: again... And then sending their article (PDF) to Geophysical Research Letters anyway. Hoping to counter the heap of nonsense circulating on the internet, that temperature graphs are showing global warming has come to a halt. (...) The stubborn deniers always pick a small part of a graph in order to proof their point [e.g. see this piece in an Australian newspaper or this one on a forum or this on a blog - the list is very long indeed].

Read more... (in Dutch)

- Also see this detailed refutation of the deniers claim in New Scientist.

- A good video debunking the deniers 'cherry picking' of small parts of temperature graphs.

- More temperature graphs (NOAA)

Also see:

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